Registration & Licensing Information

- Purchasing a license permits you to use Wimpy on one web site.
- Purchasing a license is NOT a monthly or yearly subscription.
- A registration code removes the "DEMO" box from the player.
- A registration code is bound to the current version that was available when you purchased a license. You are free to use the version you purchased on your web site indefinately. There is no time limit. The registration code will also work for all "minor" version updates (e.g. 7.1 and 7.2), but an upgrade may be required to use version 8.0 if you purchased version 7.x.

Registering a Domain

During the purchase process,  after entering your basic contact information (name, email, etc) on page 2 enter the domain name for the web site you wish to register in the "Domain Registration - Wimpy Player" section.

- Use the domain name that Wimpy will be installed on.
- Just enter the "basic" domain name (don't include "www" or "http")

Using Your Registration Code

Upon completion of a purchase you will receive an email that contains a registration code, which is a long string of text characters that looks similar to to following:


Copy and paste this code into the "wimpy_reg.txt" file located in the wimpy installation folder on your web site.

Within the Wimpy download package there is a file named "wimpy_reg.txt" -- this file should also exist in your Wimpy installation folder on your web site. 

If it doesn't exist, simply create a simple text file and put the registration code into the file. Then upload the file to your Wimpy installation folder, which is the same folder that contains the wimpy.js "engine" file on your website.

The "wimpy_reg.txt" file must reside in the same folder as the "wimpy.js" javascript file.


When a valid registration code is present in the "wimpy_reg.txt" file located within the Wimpy Installation folder on your web site.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




When entering your domain name during the checkout process, enter the domain name that Wimpy will be installed on.

Wimpy will work on all sub-domains that are assocated with your "main" domain name.

For example, Wimpy will work on all of the following sub-domains if you registered "":


"DEMO" box still displays



After entering the registration code into the "wimpy_reg.txt" file, you may have to clear your browser's cache so that the new registration code is recognized by your browser.

Click here for information on how to clear your browser's cache.

The "wimpy_reg.txt" file should only contain the registration code. No additional "new lines", spaces, quotes, or any other stuff -- just the reg code.


Obtaining a registration code.



During the process of purchasing a license, you will be asked to enter a domain name (web site name) that you wish to register.

Upon completion of a purchase you will receive an email that contains a registration code.

Since the email containing the registration code is automatically generated, sometimes the email gets "caught" by spam-blockers or junk-mail filters.

Check your junk / spam mail area for emails from,, or (Fast Spring is the company that processes payments for us.)


Multiple registration codes

You can include any number of registration codes within a wingle "wimpy_reg.txt" file. Simply place each registration code on a new line.

Within the "wimpy_reg.txt" file, lines that begin with a # symbol are ignored (aka "comments") allowing you to put additional information into the file in addition to the reg codes (which should NOT begin with a # symbol!).


What does a registration code do?

When a product is registered, the "DEMO" box no longer appears within the player.


How do I upgrade my player?

If you upgrading to a new major version (e.g. from 6.x to 7.x), you will need to buy a new license to get a valid registration code.

If you purchased the older version within one year of the newer version release date, we'll upgrade you for free. Contact Technical Support via email and send us details about your original purchase including:

- Name and Email used during purchase.
- Transation Number.
- Registered Domain Name.
- Anything else that will help us validate your original purchase.


Will the registration code work for new versions?

Registration codes work within the same "major" version. For example, If you purchased version 7.0, you will be able to download and use version 7.2. However, version 8.0 will require an new registration code and new license purchase.


I have a new domain. Can I transfer the registration code and license?

Yes and No. All registration codes / licenses are tied to a specific domain and are not transferrable.

However, under certain circumstances, we may provide you with a new or alternate registration code if both the old and new domain are identical in nature with the identical content and design.

Or if the old domain name is no longer being used, we can generate a new reg code for you.

There are many valid reasons a new or alternate registration code may be needed, please request a new or alternate registration code using the Technical Support contact.

Here are some examples of where we may provide a new or alternate registration code:

- You are developing a website on a temporary or "development" server.
- The old domain name is no longer accessible.
- The new domain name simply redirects to the existing domain. (e.g. the new domain is used as an alias for the primary domain)
- An alternative address is being used for media content or a portion of your website that is directly related to the primary website.

If it is still unclear if you need a single license or multiple licenses because your idea / web site is using a unique approach, please contact Technical Support and send us an explanation of how you intend to use Wimpy so that we can determine if you need a single license or multiple licenses for your situation.


Bulk licensing or special rates.

We do not currently have any bulk or special rate programs.


Can I "side-grade" from one product to another.

No. We do not have any "side-grade" offers.



Place your existing reg code into the "wimpy_reg.txt" file in the Wimpy installation folder and re-upload.