Playlists Within Playlists


All playlists are one-dimensional. Meaning that an item can only include a reference to a URL -- not another, full-blown list.

However, you can reference another external playlist file.

This allows you to set up playlists to behave like a directory structure.

When a reference to another external playlist is used in the "file" data set field, the item will appear within the player as a folder. Clicking the item will cause Wimpy to load the other playlist. Clicking the "back" button in the player will re-load the previous (original) XML playlist.

So for example, we could set up a "master" playlist, which contains a list of references to other playlists as:

</item> </playlist>


Or as JSON:

{ "file": "playlist-A.json" },
{ "file": "playlist-B.json" },
{ "file": "playlist-C.json" }


Or as Simple Text:



Or A Pipe-Delimited