Podcast Playlists


Wimpy uses the Google Feed API to process and parse podcasts. Using a feed in wimpy is simply a matter of setting the data-media option to the URL to your feed.


<div data-wimpyplayer data-media="http://www/path/to/feed.rss"></div>


Check That Extension!

Podcasts are RSS feed files, as such, they should have an "rss" extension.



If your feed does not use "DOT rss" as the last four characters, you can trick wimpy by tacking-on "?foo.rss" to the end of your URL. This will cause Wimpy to recognize the URL as a "rss" file and subsequently handle the playlist as a Podcast.


<div data-wimpyplayer data-media="http://www/path/to/feed.xml?foo.rss"></div>


Or if your podcast URL already has a ? symbol in there, use a # as:


<div data-wimpyplayer data-media="http://www/path/to/feed.php?xyz#foo.rss"></div>



Alternatively, you can use a simple JSON object and set the "kind" field to "rss" as:


<div data-wimpyplayer data-media='{"file":"http://www/feed.xml","kind":"rss"}'></div>


Limiting the Number of Items Displayed

By default Wimpy is set up to snag 12 items from each Podcast. If you wish to list more or less items, use the "maxGoogleFeedItems" global option to adjust the number of items returned.


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