Simple Text Playlists


This is the most basic form of a playlist. With simple text playlists, no additional information can be incorporated, such as title or album information. Wimpy will use the file name (without extension) as the track's title.


If the file name contains underscore characters, the underscore characters will be replaced with a space character.

... will display as:
this is my track

The most basic form for a Simple Text Playlist is a single URL to a media file:

There are two methods for specifying multiple tracks:

Newline Delimited List

Seperate each URL with a newline.


/path/to/track4.mp3 /path/to/track5.mp3 /path/to/track6.mp3



Pipe Delimited Lists

You may also use a "pipe" character ( | ) to separate URLs to tracks.This style should be used when your not using an external txt file. For example, when you want to include a couple tracks directly in the HTML.



<div data-wimpyplayer data-media="track1.mp3|track2.mp3|track3.mp3"></div>


File URLs should only contain alpha-numeric characters. Using anything other than alpha-numeric characters poses potential problems that may prevent files from loading.


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