Javascript Playlists


A Javascript playlist is an array of item objects. Each "item object" should conform to the Track Dataset model. The Wimpy playlist format uses a simple and flexible structure. Refer to the Track Dataset page for details on the information that can be included for each item.

A Javascript Playlist are intended for advanced users who are familiar with Javascript.

When establishing a player via Javascript, or working with the Javascript API, you can use raw Javascript as a playlist.


var myPlaylist = [
							file  : "track1.mp3",
							title : "Track 1",
							image : "coverart.jpg"
							file  : "track2.mp3",
							title : "Track 2",
							image : "coverart.jpg"
							file  : "track3.mp3",
							title : "Track 3",
							image : "coverart.jpg"

var myPlayer = new wimpyPlayer({
									skin : "path/to/skin.tsv",
									media : myPlaylist


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