Updating Wimpy


Not sure which version you're using?

Open the file "wimpy.js" with a browser or text editor -- version information is toward the top of the file. Click here to see an example.


You're using the old, "legacy" version if:

1. You don't have a "wimpy.js" file in your wimpy installation folder.   

2. You don't have a "wimpy.css" file in your wimpy installation folder.

3. You purchased Wimpy before June 25, 2014.

We recommend keeping a copy of your older files. The old version may have a depreciated feature, or configuration settings may have eolved to a point where the player doesn't behave as expected. Keeping a backup of the old version will at least provide you a means to revert to a functional state.

If you've already installed Wimpy (version 7 or higher) and are simply looking to keep up-to-date with the latest release then:

1. Head over to the downloads section and get the "Wimpy Core" ZIP package

2. Unzip and upload all the files contained in the ZIP package to your wimpy installation folder. (Don't replace the entire folder, just replace the individual files from the ZIP package.)


Click for more information on the "core wimpy" files.


Since we're just replacing the "core" wimpy files, you won't have to redo any code, or worry about having to re-upload skins or media files.  We're just updating the guts, or engine that does the work -- it won't affect anything you've done to your pages or your server's file system.

On the main Support page, we provide release notes, and indicate which file(s) where changed since the last update. So in theory, if you're keeping up with all the new releases, you'll only have to replace the file(s) that were marked as changed.


If you're using the old, legacy version of Wimpy MP3 Player (version 6 or lower), or the legacy Wimpy Button, Rave, Wasp, or Pickle Player. Follow the installation instructions -- because the enw version of wimpy is essentially a completely new program. The only real similarity is the name "wimpy".