Core Wimpy Files


Only a few files are required to use Wimpy. As a rule of thumb, files that begin with "wimpy dot" are considered important. When updating to a new version of wimpy, you should only have to replace the "core" wimpy files.

Required "Core" Files

The following files are considered the "core" and constitute the bare minimum needed to run Wimpy. These files must be located together in the same folder as the wimpy.js "engine".

(Basically all files that begin with "wimpy")

wimpy.js - the wimpy "engine"
wimpy.css - for icons used on buttons
wimpy.swf - build-in flash fallback player for older browsers
wimpy.eot - icon font used on button for some browsers (IE< 11)
wimpy.ttf - icon font used on button for some browsers
wimpy.svg - icon font used on button for some browsers
wimpy.woff - icon font used on button for some browsers
wimpy.woff2 - icon font used on button for some browsers
-  wimpy_reg.txt - contains your reg code & unlocks wimpy for your domain

Recommended but Optional Files

The following are need if you are leveraging Automatic Playlists, or using Customizer to create playlists.

- wimpy.php - automatic playlist generator
+ wimpy.getid3 - (entire folder) a library for extracting artist/album/image info

The following are utilities to assist with generating code / configuring players and buttons.

- wimpy.buttonWriter.html - for making code for a button
- wimpy.customizer.html - for maing code for a player
- wimpy.customizer.php - retrieves info about files in the wimpy folder

Other Files

All other files/folders contained in the download package can be removed.

Skin TSV and Button CSS files

You'll want to keep any skin files or Button CSS files that you're actually using. These files are not required to be located in the "wimpy.skins" or "wimpy.buttons" folder -- they can be located in any folder on your site.

These files are located in sub-folders for organizational purposes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Customizer and Button Writer can only discover newly created/uploaded skin TSV and button CSS files if they are located in the main wimpy folder OR respective "wimpy.skins" or "wimpy.buttons" sub-folders.