Wimpy Player Glyphs


Wimpy uses a spcial "web font" called WimpyPlayerGlyphs as a means to display scalable, vector-based, image-free icons within Wimpy Player and Wimpy Button. This allows buttons and icons to display at any size, while maintining visual integrity.

This web-font is always available for pages that incorporate Wimpy. Use the chart below to cross reference text characters to icons contained within the WimpyPlayerGlyphs font.

If your page incorporates Wimpy, you can reference "WimpyPlayerGlyphs" in any CSS incorporated into your page. For example, in any given CSS rule, you can set the font as:

.myStyle {


NOTE: The wimpy download package includes a file named "WimpyPlayerGlyphs-MAP.html", which contains the same chart below.

Items in red are CAPITAL letters.

a a audio 1
A A audio 2
b b back
c c cancel, no
C C cart
d d down
D D download
e e edit
f f file
F F folder
g g grabber
G G list
h h settings
i i info
I I icons
j j fast rewind
k k fast forward
l l loop
L L loop one
m m mute, volume, lo
M M mute, volume, hi
n n next
o o previous
p p play
q q pause
r r refresh 1, loop
R R refresh 2, loop
s s stop
S S search
t t thinker
u u up
v v video 1
V V video 2
w w window close
W W window open
x x x, close, cancel
y y check, yes
z z random, shuffle
+ + add, plus
? ? help
. . record, bullet
< < left arrow
> > right arrow