AutoPlay and Volume
with HTML 5 Audio and Video


Most mobile devices require human interaction / gesture through a physical touch/button on the device to launch a media file (e.g. autoPlay) or adjust the volume

In other words, audio and video files to be launched programmatically through javascript -- which is what Wimpy uses for the "autoPlay" option.

Likewise, the "mute" and volume controls may not work as expected due to these device limitations.

Web pages and javascript can not over-ride the physical device.


Some hardware and/or browser manufacturers have decided to prevent certain kinds of functionality in order to make using the device and/or browser a "better" overall experience and perhaps to prevent exessive bandwith usage.

For example, if you're in church and are bored and decide to visit a web page with your phone. If the web page starts playing an AC/DC song "programmatically" when the page loads you'll be in BIG trouble.

Likewise, if the web page has a player on it and the only way to control the volume is through tiny inaccessible buttons (or maybe even no volume buttons), there would be no way to turn the volume down.

Or if every time you adjusted the physical device volume, the web page would programmatically turn the volume back up.... well that would suck.

A workaround for nerds

If you're handy with your mobile devices, you may be able to lift these restrictions according to information on this post:

"Chrome for Android: You can disable the 'gesture required' flag by going to 'about:flags' in your chrome. Then find the flag 'disable gesture requirement for media playback' and click 'enable', at the bottom of the page box will appear that says 'Your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Google Chrome' and a button 'Relaunch Now'. Click the button. You can now start videos via javascript."