Encrypt URLs


Wimpy allows URLs to media files to be "encrypted" (yes those are air quotes). While the encryption is not super-strong, it will prevent snoopers from quickly and easily gaining direct access / plain text reading the URLs to your media files.

Any media-file option, or reference to a media file can be encrypted, including:

- Wimpy Player media option
- Button media or wimpyButton option
Any media file reference in a playlist.

Only media file URLs can be encrypteed, other references to files, including links, images etc. can not be encrypted.

Encryption Method

You can encrypt the URL's yourself following these simple steps:

1. Base64 encode the URL.
2. Prefix the base64'd string with __1

A properly encrypted URL looks like:



Wimpy URL Encrypt Tool

Use the Encrypt Tool here at wimpyplayer.com to manually encrypt URLs.


Encrypt Through Customizer

As of Wimpy version 7.0.246, Customizer includes an option to encrypt URLs for you via the "Encrypt Media URLs" checkbox in the Options panel.