This is a constructor, hence the "new" operator is required in order work properly.

When a "target" is not available (in the options), Wimpy will render the player at the point in the HTML that the constructor was called. For example, if a <script> with this constructor is situated at any point in the <body>, Wimpy will render the player where ever the <script> is located. See "Establishing a Player With Javascript".

When a "target" exists in the options, Wimpy will render a player into the target. See "Javascript Target".



// Constructor
new wimpyPlayer(options)



options object

A Javascript Object containing options. See the "Player Options" for details.

onReady Option
One additional option that is available for Javascript-based player creation is the "onReady" option. See onReady for more info.



Return Value

Wimpy Player Object

Returns a handle to the newly created Wimpy Player Object.



See Also




var myPlayer = new wimpyPlayer({					
					target : "myTargetId",
					media: "song1.mp3",
					skin: "http:/www/path/to/skin.json"