Redraws the playlist items and resets the current selected and playing item index.

Since this will reset the current playing index as well, when the user clciks the play button (when no item is playing) the player will start to play the item number as defined for the "withSelected" argument.

If a track is already playing, and the user clicks "next" the player will advance to the item after the track number as defiend by the "withSelected" argument.


This feature is useful when managing playlists manually via setPlaylist and getPlaylist.




withSelected integer

The item to set as active (highlighted)

This argument is zero-based, meaning that the first item in the playlist is "0" (zero), using traditional javascript array idices.



Return Value



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var myPlayer = new wimpyPlayer({media:"foo1.mp3|foo2.mp3|foo3.mp3"}); </script>

<p><a href="javascript:myPlayer.refreshPlaylist(2);">Refresh playlist to item #2</a></p>